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The joint-stock company “Malysheva Mines Management”   
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Малышевское рудоуправление Малышевское рудоуправление Малышевское рудоуправление Малышевское рудоуправление



1831 – Kozhevnikov M.S. found a few small crystals and fragments of green stone which turned out to be emerald. Mining works were commenced at the place of the first find.

1831 – 1861 – exploration and extraction of emeralds invested by the Cabinet of Imperial Court and Department of Udelov (plots) where carried out.

1862 – 1899 – the “Izumrudnye kopi” (Emerald Mines) changed private leaseholders repeatedly.

1919 – the mines were nationalized.

1920 – the mines were transferred under the supervision of Yekaterinburg’s “Rairuda” (“District ore”).

1924 – the factory for grading and washing of emeralds was restored.

1930 – exploratory and mining works showed that the emerald bearing deposits had good prospects as deposits of technical beryl.

1932 – electrification of the Malyshevsky and Pervomaisky mines was completed.

1967 – continuous mining and dressing rare-metal pegmatite ore of the Kvartalny deposit started. The research group of the Malysheva Mines Management elaborated the know-how schedule for ore dressing, which made it possible to produce not only berillium and tantalum concentrates but also feldspar concentrate used in ceramic industry.

1986 – the new dressing mill for producing tantalum-niobium, beryllium, feldspar and mica concentrates was put into operation.

1967 – 1986 the tantalum beryllium Kvartalny deposit was worked out down to the designed depth of 230 m.

1986 – 1992 up to nowadays the JSC “Malysheva Mines Management” has been processing the pegmatoid granites dumps of the worked out Kvartalny deposit producing the feldspar and mica-muscovite concentrates.